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Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine Hydraulic Wire Pulling Equipment CE Standard

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Bull Block Wire Drawing Machine Hydraulic Wire Pulling Equipment CE Standard

1. Usage: drawing the wire from tyre

2. Tire specification: 1200-4000mm

3. Capacity: 20-50 tyres/hr


Draw out the steel wires from the tire bead.


Structural Features:


This machine consist of motor ,hydraulic system,drawing hook,drawingmouth,

and main part,etc.its basic principle is Drien hydraulic system and made the

cylinder work by the motor to make the drawing hook liked the cylinder spull

pople reciprocate motion.put the tire on the drawingmonth and jut the drawing

mouth to hook steel wire. meanwhile the rubber part of tire is teared because

of the drawing mouth blick it.thus get the effect of separating smoothly.


Instruction of tire wire drawing machine


the line is complete automatic line, from drawing out the steel circle from the tire bead,

crushing the whole tyre, separating the thin steel and fiber to the rubber powder,

The line is recycling the waste tyre under the normal temperature.


Feature of tire wire drawing machine


1. it is used to crush the waste tires into rubber powder
2. it is good for environmental protection and energy saving, Market Prospect Broadness .

3. it can get iron/steel removing ratio>99.5%, fiber removing ratio>98%.


Hydraulic waste tire recycling equipment Single Hook Tyre Debeader

Flow working chart of tire wire drawing machine


waste tire—wire drawing —whole tire cutter—rough crusher—rubber grinder—-

magnetic separating and fiber separator—pulverizer unit—rubber powder


Technical Parameters:


Model LS-1200

Single hook

Tire Diameter <1200mm
Pull 5T
Capacity 20-50 tires/hour
Motor Power 15Kw
Weight 1.5T
Dimension 4200*900*1700mm

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Industrial Lead 5000 * 3 pixel metal sorting machine Passed CE

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Industrial Lead 5000 * 3 pixel metal sorting machine Passed CE

Detailed Product Description

Industrial Lead 5000 * 3 pixel metal sorting machine Passed CE

1. Using imported 5000*3 pixel true color CCD linear array camera, recognition accuracy up to 0.08mm, and take machine vision into production in this industry;

2.Using linear array image scanning technology , high-speed intelligent image acquisition system;

3. Using the most advanced U.S. technology for programming device, and the embedded software operation platform make system more stable, response faster and function more powerful;

4. The system is added to special algorithm, such as shape selection, and area algorithm,to solve problems like sorting some kinds of beans according to their shape , color , and area at the same time and expand the scope of application of color sorter , and make multi-function , multi species of color sorting come true;

5. Using the most advanced LED optics technique in the world, machine has longer life , better uniformity, more wide color areas, and lower power consumption, the power consumption is only 10-30% for general lighting ;

6.Using different slide according to different materials, no need to change light source, and it is suitable for a variety of industrial products, beans, nuts, grains and other particles and sheet material;

7.Using of V type , U type , flat slide , and special technology to ensure product stability and reliability;

8.Integrating more than 10 global exclusive patent technology.


Metal , Industrial, Metal Sorting, Grading

Competitive Advantage:

1.5000*3 pixel CCD camera and photo processing technology

2.Recognition accuracy up to 0.08m

3.Passed CE, UL, ETL, ISO9001

4.LED TFT real 8.4 inch screen

5.Self checking system


Model HJ-C4R
Machine weight (kg) 950
Dimensions(L×W×H)cm 180×142×143
Channels 84
Materials handling capacity (T/H) 5.5-6.5
Accuracy of color selection 99.5%
Best “out of ratio” >20:1
Host power 1.4
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Air consumption (L/min) 700-2500
Power supply voltage 220V/50HZ

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Low Power Plastic Film Machine , Multilayer Blown Film Plant 100 – 1200mm Width

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Low Power Plastic Film Machine , Multilayer Blown Film Plant 100 – 1200mm Width


1) The unit extruder, barrel, screw adopt high-quality steel, nitride tight handling and precision machining, with the best hardness and corrosion resistance, a specially designed screw high yield, good plastic.

2) The main motor adopts frequency control of motor speed to improve the speed regulating stability of main motor and save electricity by 30%.

3) The screw and material barrel adopt 38 chrome-molybdenum aluminum which has been nitrogen treated and the traction frame adopts lifting type.

4) No matter what size the film is, big or small, it can achieve the best effect of cooling.


Main Specification:

SCREW DIAMETER(mm) 50mm 55mm 60mm 65mm
SCREW L/D 28:1 28:1 28:1
Reduced diameter of film 100-600mm 200-800mm 300-1000mm 400-1200mm
Single-face thickness 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm 0.01-0.10mm
Max.Extrusion 30-45kg/h 40-70kg/h 60-100kg/h 80-110kg/h
Power of main motor 7.5-11kw 11-15kw 18.5-22kw 22kw
Power of traction power 1.1kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Heating Power 11kw 13kw 19kw 21kw
Outline diameter 4.8*1.9*3.5m 5.5*2.1*3.8m 6.5*2.3*4.2m 6.5*2.5*6.0m
Weight 1.5T 2T 2.3T 2.6T


Both the cylinder and the screw of the extruder are made of high quality alloy steel through nitration and precision finishing with the best hardness and corrosion resistance. Scientifically designed, this machine set has two heads for one extruder with such advantages as increasing production capacity, saving energy, labour and workshop area, etc…
This machine set is used for blowing Low-density polyethylene(LDPE)and high-density polyethylene (HDPE)plastic film to make various vest bags and flat-rim bags which have been widely used for packing in the food industry, garment industry and textile industry, etc…


Optional Device:


1. Auto load

2. Cast aluminum heater

3. Air shaft

4. Rotary die device

5. Double sides winder

6. Up and down

7. Pneumatic device

8. Air compressor

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Stainless Steel Pellets Making Machine

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Stainless Steel Pellets Making Machine

Model SJ-90 SJ-100 SJ-110 SJ-120 SJ-135
Screw Diameter 90mm 100mm 110mm 120mm 135mm
Screw Ratio 22:1(L:D) 22:1(L:D) 22:1(L:D) 22:1(L:D) 22:1(L:D)
Screw Speed 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm
Motor Power 18.5-22kw 22kw 30kw 37kw 55kw
Main Output 60-80kg/h 70-90kg/h 90-110kg/h 100-130kg/h 160-180kg/h
Weight 2t 2.1t 2.2t 2.5t 3.5t
Dimensions 4800*1250*1100 4900*1300*1200 5000*1350*1300 5200*1400*1350 5500*1450*1500


Model SJ-100/90 SJ-120/95 SJ-120/100 SJ-120/110 SJ-135/120 SJ-150/125 SJ-160/130
Screw Diameter 100mm,












160MM, 130MM
Screw Ratio 12:1-8:1(L: D) 12:1-8:1(L: D) 15:1-8:1(L: D) 18:1-8:1(L:D) 15:1-8:1(L: D) 22:1-10:1(L: D) 20:1-10:1(L: D)
Screw Speed 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm 10-110rpm
Motor Power 15kw; 7.5KW 18.5kw; 7.5KW 22kw; 11kw 37KW; 15KW 45kw, 15kw 55kw, 18.5kw 75kw, 15kw
Main Output 60-80kg/h 80-100kg/h 120kg/h 130-150kg/h 150-170kg/h 200-220kg/h 250-280kg/h
Weight 1.8t

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ABS Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Equipment 380V For Master batch

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ABS Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Equipment 380V For Master batch



Model Screw Dia.


L/D Screw Speed Max. (rpm) Power Of Main Motor




AS45 45 25-36 20-120 5.5-11 18-40
AS65 65 25-36 20-120 15-37 40-90
AS90 90 25-36 20-95 37-75 100-250
AS120 120 25-36 20-80 55-110 250-380
AS150 150 25-36 20-80 110-160 300-450
AS180 180 25-36 20-70 180-250 400-650



1. Extruder is equipped with the large L/D ratio screw and specially-designed degassing unit to remove moisture and reach high output capacity

2. Downstream pelletized can be cold strand cutting or water-ring die face cutting to get even size and beautiful pellets

3. Based on the state of raw material (such as printed woven bag),double-stage pelletizing line is also optional.


4. Process: Raw material–hopper–extruder–hydraulic screen changer–mould–water cooling tank–air cooling tank–cutter


5. It owes the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, even granule-cutting, safety, reliability etc.

6. Extruder has the vacuum vented design which can exhaust the vapor or gas during the production, so that the output can be more stable and the pellets are more dense.

7. Gearbox is high torque designed which attains the functions of low noise and stable operation.

8. According to the material and special techinics demands,the material of cylinder can use high quality nitrided steel,corrosion proof or antifriction with corresponding process

9. The select material of drive components is dainty. Including super intension alloy cementiteing steel, cementiting and quenching ,gear grinding technics ,strengthening of tooth face.So they can ensure high torque,high precision and low noise.

10. Responsible for the installation and debugging, equipment warranty for one year.



The production line is suitable for recycling and pelletizing of raw materials such as PP, PET, PE, PS, ABS,PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, PMMA by replacing different screw and barrel mostly and pelletizing of the raw materials with different colors.


Competitive Advantage:

1. Adopt Siemens PLC control system

2. High efficiency, working stable, large capacity etc.

3. Good quality on final product, low humidity content and less impurities.

4. New-style project of parallel three-axises driving makes the convey axis,convey chain,decelerate and the torque assignment get together,which keep it compact,and the key bearings are imported.

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High Effect Waste plastic film recycling machine , automatic plastic recycling equipment

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High Effect Waste plastic film recycling machine , automatic plastic recycling equipment

Quick Detail:


Speed of Screw:10-110rpm


Ratio of Screw Stem:20:1-22:1(L/D)




Certificate: CE Certificate




SJ-C Waste Plastics Recycling Machine is used for recycling of the used and waste plastic materials.It equipped with automatic constant temperature,clectric changing filter nets.It also can pelletize the croushing material after fitting with a loader.The cutting machine adopts speed regulating motor. which can cut the matcrial according to the feeding speed of the extruder. With such features as high output,low noise,stable performance and easy operation.It is a more ideal waste plastic film regenerative.pelletizer.




1. SJ series PP/PE Plastic Pelleter Recycling Granulator Machine is mainly suitable
for the recycle of all kinds of plastic film.
2. Our Plastic Pelleter Recycling Granulator Machine is mainly suitable for the recycle
of all kinds of plastic film, such as PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE material. The granulating
process including main machine and auxiliary machine to get the high quality of
plasticization and high producing capacity.
3. The advantage of this Plastic Pelleter Recycling Granulator Machine is more and more
important in the situation of rising price in raw material.
4. This Plastic Pelleter Recycling Granulator Machine have been well-know, appraised, deeply trusted by all our customers.
5. With frequency control and reasonable design, this processing line is stable, efficient,
high automatic and saving energy better.
1). PP, PE Films crushing, washing and recycling line
2). PP, PE Pelletizing Line
3). Waste plastic reprocessing machine
4). Strand pelletizing system
5). PET bottle Recycling line
6). Water treatment system
7). Plastic Pellet making machine




Model SJ-90 SJ-100 SJ-110 SJ-120
Screw Diameter φ 90 φ 100 φ 110 φ 120
Screw L/D Ratio 20: 1 -22: 1 20: 1 -22: 1 20: 1 -22: 1 20: 1 -22: 1
Screw Rotating Speed 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min
Main Motor Power 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw
Max. Output 68kg/h 95kg/h 120kg/h 135kg/h
Machine Weight 2600kg 2800kg 3000kg 3200kg
Machine dimension 4.0× 1.5× 1.8m 4.0× 1.5× 1.8m 4.0× 1.5× 1.8m 4.0× 1.5× 1.8m

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Oats Grain Sorting Machine

Oats Grain Sorting Machine / CCD Color Sorter Machine At 0.6Mpa Air Pressure

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Oats Grain Sorting Machine / CCD Color Sorter Machine At 0.6Mpa Air Pressure


Quick details:


1) Super Big Production Capacity

2) High Definition, More Accuracy

3) High Sensitivity, Low Carryover Rate

4) Famous Ejector, Stable and Durable

5) Optimized Design, More Easy Maintenance

6) Advanced Software, More Simple to Operate

7) Latest LED Sources

8) Reliable Quality, Good After-sales Services


Oats, Agriculture, Oats Sorting, Grading




Model HJ-C2R
Machine weight (kg) 850
Dimensions(L×W×H)cm 141×155×190
Channels 126
Materials handling capacity (T/H) 1.5-2.0
Accuracy of color selection ≥99%
Best “out of ratio” >12:1
Host power 1.5
Air pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption (L/min) 500-1500
Power supply voltage ~220V/50HZ

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Metal Detector Machine

Security Checked Baggage Scanning Machine Metal Detector Machine

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Security Checked Baggage Scanning Machine Metal Detector Machine


SECU SCAN X RAY SYSTEM offers a modern technology to secure entry checkpoints for important locations like airports, transport terminals, buildings, and so on. Our systems screen baggage and parcel, to detect contraband, weapons, dangerous and illegal items. Model AT5030A easily accommodates the inspection of small baggage and parcels. SECU SCAN X RAY SYSTEM is based on user-friendly design with ergonomic operator control panel and adjustable control panel stand. It is easy to installation and maintenance. Over 100 systems per month installed in china and abroad. SECU SCAN branded products received certifications of CE, Test report from China Ministry of Public Security and Copyright for image Operation software SPHOTO.
As a manufacturer SHENZHEN SECURITY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSMS18001 GB/T 28001-2001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certified company. We have Radiation Safety license from China Environmental Protection Administration.
SECU SCAN X RAY SYSTEM is a professional security solution provider, a wise choice to governments and partners.




Transport terminals,


Factories (to find needle in clothing, shoes, bags),
Military installations,

Schools ,

Convention centers,
Security checkpoints,

Special events location


Competitive Advantage:

Integrated, cost Effective, Turn-Key Security

Fit for small Baggage and Parcel Security Inspection.

Increased detection capability

Friendly interface for ease-of-use

Reliable performance and uncompromising value

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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Film Recycling Machine / Label Removing Machine For Recycling Plastic Bottle

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baler break, label removing, crushing PET bottle Waste Plastic Recycling Machine


  1. PET clean flake can use in PET granulating machine,
  2. PET strap machine,
  3. PET fiber machine and some other machines.
  4. For more machines after you get PET granules from PET flake.



Product Name: Waste PET bottle recycling machine
Electric consumption(KW): From 100KW to 300KW per hour
Water consumption(Tons): From 2tons to 8tons per hour (the water can be recycled)
Working voltage: 380V, 3PHASE, 50HZ(based on customer’s requirements)
Flake size(mm): 14mm(based on customer’s requirements)
Moisture: Less than 3% (By using our PET infrared crystallization drier, the final moisture can be 100-150PPM)
PVC (PPM) Less than 30PPM


Competitive Advantage:


  1. We have produced PET bottle recycling machine for 11 years with very professional experience.
  2. For parts we use standard parts. Easy to maintain.
  3. Made more stronger for standard parts. It can use for much more long time.
  4. Meet with CE standard

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11.15kg/m2 Expanded Metal Mesh/flattened expanded metal /expanded metal for sale/expanded metal lath (100% factory)

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11.15kg/m2 Expanded Metal Mesh/flattened expanded metal /expanded metal for sale/expanded metal lath (100% factory)


  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Elegant design.
  • Bright color.
  • Cost economic.


  • Gutter guard and gutter mesh.
  • Catwalk,Walkway ,decoration.
  • Construction ,machinery and equipment protection.
  • Handicraft manufacturing.
  • Highway guardrail, sports ground, the road greening mat.
  • Tankers’ foot pedal mesh oil tank truck, oil mines.
  • Locomotives and tonner steamship working platform.
  • Staircase and pavement.

Expanded Metal Material: stainless steel plate, aluminium plate, common carbon plate ,brass plate, nickle plate, titanium plate ,iron plate ,Al-Mg alloy plate

Weaving: punched and stretched, sturdy and durable with elegant appearance.

expanded metal specification:


Specification of Expanded Metal Mesh
Sheet Thickness Opening in Width
Opening in Length
Stem Roll Width
Roll Length
0.5 2.5 4.5 0.5 0.5 1 1.8
0.5 10 25 0.5 0.6 2 0.73
0.6 10 25 1 0.6 2 1
0.8 10 25 1 0.6 2 1.25
1 10 25 1.1 0.6 2 1.77
1 15 40 1.5 2 4 1.85
1.2 10 25 1.1 2 4 2.21
1.2 15 40 1.5 2 4 2.3
1.5 15 40 1.5 1.8 4 2.77
1.5 23 60 2.6 2 3.6 2.77
2 18 50 2.1 2 4 3.69
2 22 60 2.6 2 4 3.69
3 40 80 3.8 2 4 5.00
4 50 100 4 2 2 11.15
4.5 50 100 5 2 2.7 11.15
5 50 100 5 1.4 2.6 12.39
6 50 100 6 2 2.5 17.35
8 50 100 8 2 2.1 28.26