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Horizontal type Drilling mud cleaning system for Petroleum industry

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Horizontal type Drilling mud cleaning system for Petroleum industry

1, Drilling mud purification system for Petroleum industry
2, Mud tanks: 5 sets
3, Net volume:1500 bbls
4, customized

Technical specifications for Drilling Mud Purification system

Drilling fluid purification solid-control system is an requisite part in modern drilling. It will ensure the slurry of the normal circulation and stability in the process of drilling rigs. the product is mainly made up of explosion-proof driving force, electric distribution and lighting control devices, new dual-layer and dual-excitation shale shaker, centrifugal vacuum degasser , desander, desilter , horizontal centrifuge, vertical sand pump, slurry mixers, mixed feeder funnel, cycle tanks, and other solid control equipments and so on. It can effectively separate and mix round and store drilling fluid, to meet the needs of drilling project. And we absorb and develop a complete set of solid control system, as ZJ40J, ZJ50D, ZJ70D, ZJ32, ZJ20B7 models.

Main equipments







Tank NO.1 (shaker tank)

Overall dimension: 13700mm×3100mm×2700mm

sand trap: 76 BBL

Degasser compartment: 100 BBL

Desander compartment: 128 BBL

Disilter compartment: 128 BBL


Including accessory pipeline


Tank NO.2 (suction tank)

Overall dimension: 13700mm×3100mm×2700mm

Suction compartment: 396BBL

Pill compartment: 72bbl


Including accessory pipeline


Tank NO.3 (reserve tank)

Overall dimension: 11700mm×3100mm×2700mm

Reserve compartment: 250 BBL×2

2 sets

Including accessory pipeline


Trip tank

Overall dimension: 11700mm×3100mm×2700mm

Trip compartment:61BBL

1 set

Including accessory pipeline


Shale shaker

2 pecs

Model HS280-3P


Degasser vacuum

Horizontal type

1 pec

Model HV-240



1 pec

Model HD-300×2



1 pec

Model HM-100×12


Sand pumps and weight pump


Outlet diameter:6″

Inlet diameter: 8″


Motor power:55 kW

5 pec


Trip pump

Mode: SB3″×4″-11kW



Motor power:11kW

1 pec


Poor boy degasser

Working pressure:0.7MPa ID:1200mm

Max treat capacity:424 m3/h

Will be installed on the same skid as the trip tank.


As per API Standard




Power for each motor:11 kW

6 pcs


Surface and bottom Mud guns DN80/PN1.0

20 pecs


Mud mixing hoppers

Mode: ZHP150

Treat capacity:180m3/h

2 sets


Sack hoist fame

Including 2T hoist



Mud test room

2500x1600x2500 mm



Eye washing station




trailers should be located permanently under the tanks. Number of axles to be calculated. Pin size should be 3 ½” & 2 ½”



Ex-proof electrical system

Electrical system should be located along side the mud tanks external walls and should be protected


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Hydraulic Mining Crusher Equipment Quarry Stone Crusher Machine

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Hydraulic Mining Crusher Equipment Quarry Stone Crusher Machine


Cone crusher machine for granite Introduction


Cone crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, road building industry, chemical and silicate industry, suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore and rock, such as iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite , sandstone, etc.


Cone crusher machine for granite Application

Cone Crusher Can be used in crushing various ore and stone,such as iron ore,copper ore,gold ore,Marble,pebbles,bluestone crushing plant.Also it can crush Limestone,Cement,road materials etc…

Cone crusher machine for granite Working Principle:


When working the rotation of the motor through pulley or coupling, drive shaft and the conical portion of the eccentric force moving around the circle next to a fixed point for rotating pendulum movement, so that the cone crusher crushing wall sometimes near and sometimes off the solid adjustment sleeve mounted on rolling acetabular wall surface, the ore in the crushing cavity constantly under attack, pressing and bending and crushing ore.

Bevel gear drive motor through eccentric rotation, so crushing cone make swing movement. crushing cone sometimes close and sometimes away from the fixed cone, to complete the crushing and nesting. Support sleeve and frame body connection is pressed by spring, when the piece of metal and other objects which can not be broken fall within the crusher , compressive deformation of the spring discharge foreign objects, to achieve safety and prevent damage to the machine.


The advantages of cone crusher
1. High crushing ratio and production efficiency

2. Less spare part consuming and low operation cost

3. between-layer pressuring crushing and better finished product shape.

4. Hydraulic pressure protection and hydraulic pressure cavity clearing, high automatization and

less stop production and repairing time.

5. Thin oil lubrication makes the service time increased.

6. Manifold crushing cavity

7. Easy maintenance and operation.

8. The cone cone crusher can provide customers a higher capacity, better product shape, and easy be operated.



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Electric Save engery Super quality and competitive price mesh belt drying oven machine

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Electric Save engery Super quality and competitive price mesh belt drying oven machine

1.can adjust air amount, heating temperature, Material residence time and speed of feeding engery

Mesh belt dryer distributes the material which has to deal with on the belt by proper accessory equipment, such as star distribution, swing belt, grinder or pelleting machine. Belt get through a passage which composed by one or several heat unit, every unit has air heat and circulation system, every unit has one or several moisture-dispelling system, when belt passing, hot air through material which on the belt from up to down or from bottom to top, so that the material can be uniformly dry.



1. Mesh belt dryer can adjust air amount, heating temperature, Material residence time and speed of feeding, to achieve the best drying effect.

2. With Flexible device configuration, can use mesh belt washing system and cooling system.

3. Mesh belt dryer can recycle most air and save energy.

4. Mesh belt dryer’s special air distribution device make air distributes more uniform, and make sure the product’s quality is consistent.

5. Microwave, steam, heat transfer oils, electric or Gas hot air furnace all can be used as heat source.




drying oven machine is a kind of common continuous drying equipment, which is widely used in drying of agricultural and sideline products, Chinese medicinal crop, tea and tobacco, etc.


Heating method: oil heating, electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating, microwave heating.


Mesh belt dryer Can realize that control temperature automatically and manually, and transmission speed steplessly, it apply for Sterilizing, drying, dehydration, curing of many products which are Section shape, sheet, strip and others.

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100w CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Fabrics / Leather 1600 X 3000mm

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100w CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Fabrics / Leather 1600 X 3000mm


Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine 1630 With 1600 x 3000mm With Auto Feeding


1. The roller materials are feeded to the working table automatically.

2. Unique design: rotating table, auto-feeder at back and materials holder at front.

3. Long and strictly tested main parts ensure stability and long life of the machines.

4. This machine uses USB port and USB flash disk to transmit data, improving working speed and efficiency greatly.

5. You can control the feeding speed in the software and by LCD panel offline.



Fabrics, Leather, Paper, Bamboo ware, Organic glass, Thin film, Canvas, etc.


Technical Parameter:

Model Auto Feeding SW-1630
Laser-type Reci laser tube
Laser-power 80W (100w, 150w, 180w for option)
Cooling Mode Circulating-water-cooling
Power Adjustment 0-100% controlling, no segment and adjusting by software
Machine Control and Drive Speedy DSP controlling, stepper motor
Max Engraving Speed 1000mm/s
Max Cutting Speed 300mm/s
Repeating Location ±0.01mm
Minimum Character Chinese character 1.5mm, crisscross-row 1mm
Max Power <2500W
Adjustable Up-down Distance of Laser Head 30mm
Working Travel Area 1600*3000mm, 1600mm width with infinity material-feeding
Table Area 1600*3000mm
Working Voltage AC 110 – 220V, 50 – 60Hz
Working Environment Temperature: 0-45, Humidity: 5%-95%, and congeal-water removed
Controlling Software Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and procuring of multi-languages
Dictate Format *.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.al,*las,

Support AutoCAD,CoreDraw direct outputting

Packaging Wooden box
Machine Color Red/Grey
Delivery Time 20 working days
Payment T/T prepaid

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Petroleum industrial equipment vertical centrifugal separator machine

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Petroleum industrial equipment vertical centrifugal separator machine


In the request for improved environmental practices, operators need solutions that take liquids/solids separation to a new level. The drilling vertical cutting dryer from ES-KSN incorporates a high –speed vertical dryer that achieves maximum liquids/solids separation in large-volume processing .It gives operators a critical advantage in meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations for onshore and offshore cutting disposal.

The ES-KSN oilfield drilling vertical centrifuge returns and recycles large percentages of SBM (Synthetic Base Mud) and OBM (Oil Base Mud) to an active system which in the past was lost as waste products to the environment. ES-KSN oilfield vertical cutting dryer can reduce total discharged OOC below 6%, which is currently the discharge limit in many areas of the world, in many areas of the world, our goal is 5% total OBM discharge to the environment, and our goal is not only to reach 5%,but also reduce the percentage further.

Features & Benefits of ES-KSN Oil Drilling Waste Management Vertical Centrifuge:

1. Highly effective liquids/solids separation minimizes fluids content of cuttings, reduce waste-disposal volumes.

2. Effective separation reclaim high percentages of fluids that can be reused in the active mud system, recovers whole mud lost from shaker failure, rig motion and screen blinding.

3. Normal wear parts are easily accessible from the top of the unit; belt is easily changed without removing assembly.

4. Interchangeable tungsten-carbide rotor blades and gear box from excessive erosion, minimizing main components failure.

Technical Parameters of ES-KSN Oil Drilling Waste Management Vertical Centrifuge:

Model VC-1000
Bowl Diameter (mm)/(in) 900/35.4
Bowl Length(mm)/(in) 480/18.9
Bowl Rotary Speed (r/min) 900
Separation Factor 400
Separation Dimension (μm) 5~7
Max Treating Capacity (m3/h)/(GPM)(density<1.2g/cm3) 60/264
Main Motor Power (kw)/(HP) 55/75
Motor Power for Lubrication System (kw)/(HP) 0.55/0.75
OOC Percentage% ≤6
Overall Dimension (mm)/(in) 2790x2100x2500/110×82.7×98.5
Weight (kg)(lbs) 5000/11023

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Three guideway CNC Metal Lathe

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Three guideway CNC Metal Lathe

Applications of CKW61220 32tons Three-guideway Turning CNC Lathe
Fortune Pacific CKW61220 32tons CNC is Three-guideway heavy-duty engineering metalworking CNC Lathe Machinery . CKW61220 CNC Metal Lathe has a wide range of application, and is suitable for rough machining and finish machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metal workpiece with carbide, ceramic and other tools in facing, external cylindrical turning, internal taper cutting and curved shape.
Features of CKW61220 32tons Three-guideway CNC Lathe
1. CKW61220 32tons CNC bed has three guideways on one-piece casting, and induction hardened to guarantee high accuracy, load capacity and long life;
2. Main spindle drive is DC inverter motor with three step hydraulic shift that brings wide speed change of 1:200;
3. Two step change headstock of CNC has spindle direct connected chuck structure;
4. Main spindle of CNC is supported by high precision, radial backlash adjustable double-row cylindrical roller bearings in optical distance considering supporting distance and chuck diameter to get the best accuracy and stiffness;
5. X-axis and Z-axis movement is controlled by AC servo motors; X-axis adopts high precision ball screw and Z-axis adopts high precision backlash-free worm-rack structure to guarantee highest feed accuracy and rapid traverse.
Technical parameters of CKW61220 32tons Three-guideway Turning CNC Machine
Main parameters
CNC system
FANUC 0i Mate-TD
Max swing over bed
Max swing over tool post
Max length of workpiece
Max weight of workpiece between centers
Max torque of face plate
Servo motor torque
Taper bore in spindle
Metric 120
Width of the bed
Guideway number
3 Guideway
Total cutting capacity
Section dimension of tool shank
Travel of tool post
300 (12”)
Range of spindle speed
Chuck diameter
2000 (79”)
Longitudinal feed range
Cross feed range

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heavy horizontal metal lathe machinery

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heavy horizontal metal lathe machinery


Product function:

Heavy duty horizontal lathe machineC61200 is suitable for processing heavy duty machinery parts,such as big shaft, supporting roller, fan shaft, nuclear pressure vessel, mill roll, turbine fitting, mine railway and other manufacturing industries.


Product feature:

Lathe bed adopts the integral casting structure, internal ribs are rational layout. Guideways use super audio quenching process,the hardness of the surface more than 50 degree.

The spindle with high rigidity and high precision.Headstock takes symmetrical structure to make thermal deformation be even, avoiding the spindle center generates excursion.

Technical parameter table:

Item C61200
Max.swing diameter over bed mm 2000
Max.swing diameter over carriage mm 1600
Max.weight of workpiece t 40
Max.length of workpiece mm 12000
Guideway width of bed mm 1600
General cutting capacity kg 16000
Section dimension of tool shank mm×mm 70×70
Range of spindle speed r/min 0.8-160
Taper bore in spindle mm 120;1:7
Diameter of face plate mm 2000
Step.No of feed step 18
Range of longitudinal feed mm/r 0.125-48
Range of cross feed mm/r 0.063-24
Feed range of tool slide compound mm/r 0.063-24
Longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/min 3000
Cross rapid traverse speed mm/min 1500 of cross slide mm 800 of tool slide compound mm 600
Pitch of metric thread mm 2-40
Inch thread pitch/inch 1-14
Module thread mm 1.5-20
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 300
Traversing capacity of sleeve mm 300
Spindle taper bore of tailstock mm 100 taper(1:7)
Rapid traverse of tailstock mm/min 3000
Rapid traverse of sleeve mm/min 664
Power of main motor kw 90

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Ck5240 Large turning diameter heavy duty machine tool lathe machinery

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Ck5240 Large turning diameter heavy duty machine tool lathe machinery


Parameters:cnc vertical lathe

Specification Unit CK5240
Max turning diameter mm 4000
Max height of workpiece mm 2000
Max weight of the workpiece t 10
Workable diameter mm 2830
Steps 16
Speed range of worktable r/min 2-63
Max.torque of worktable Kn.m 60
Main motor power Kw 55
Max.cutting force of knife rest KN 40
Vertical knife rest horizontal travel mm 2150
Vertical knife rest vertical travel mm 1250
Feed range of knife rest mm/min 0.1~500
Knife stem size(w*h) mm 30*40
Beam travel mm 2650
Beam moving speed mm/min 310
Beam lifting motor power Kw 11
Machine weight(About) t 45
Overall Dimension mm 6870*6000*5750


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Crusher Plant Stone Crusher Machine

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Crusher Plant Stone Crusher Machine

Granite Description:
Granite is an igneous rock having crystals or grains of visible size, which consists mainly of quartz, feldspar, and mica or other colored minerals. Depending on the feldspar present, granite may be pink, dark gray, or light gray. It is commonly believed to have solidified from molten rock (called magma) under pressure.

Granite Crusher Plant Description:
We can supply granite crusher plant with the capacity of 30-500 tons per hour. The design of a granite crushing production line is usually decided by several factors:
1) Raw materials to be crushed
2) The hardness, percentage of Si, moisture percentage of the raw materials
3) The average size of the raw materials before entering into the crushing system
4) Requested product sizes, percentage of the sizes, and their usage
5) Hour capacity of the crushing line

Granite Crusher Plant Features:
1. High quality and capacity.
2. Crushed product with cubical shape.
3. Easy maintenance.
4. High efficiency and low operation cost

Granite Crusher Plant Configuration:
According to the information provided by customers, our engineer will design the most suitable proposal.
Proposal 1: vibrating feeder +primary jaw crusher +impact crusher +vibrating screen +belt conveying system +control system
Proposal 2: vibrating feeder +primary jaw crusher +fineness jaw crusher +impact crusher (optional) +vibrating screen +belt conveying system +control system
Proposal 3: vibrating feeder +primary jaw crusher +Compound cone crusher +impact crusher (optional) +vibrating screen +belt conveying system +control system
We warmly welcome you to come to inspect our factory.

For example:

Capacity: 400-500t/h
Feeder Vibrating Feeder ZSW600*130
Primary Crusher Jaw Crusher PE1200*1500
Secondary Crusher Impact Crusher 2*PF1315+2*PF1315
Screen 2*3YK2460


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SGS Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Underground Boring Machine 112kw

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Horizontal direct drilling machine HDD under water purpose 112kw


Product model:XZ450 horizontal directional drilling machine


XZ450 horizontal directional drilling rig is one-piece and full-load type design, which adopts closed loop

circuit, liquid pressure pilot control and load sensitive control and a number of advanced control technology

and the company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and controlled technology

has reached the leading domestic level. Hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electric control

system and other main components choose the brand name products at home and abroad, whose quality is



The advantages of XZ450 horizontal directional drilling machine

1. You can choose the optional power power head which can double head back to the drag force. We can

meet customer’s special requirements.

2. The work station adopts the man-machine engineering design, more comfortable and convenient.

3. Wire-control walking ensure the safety of the walking process.

4. Narrow fuselage design and the container transportation can be realized.


The technical parameters

Item Technical parameters
Engine Producer Cummins Engien CO.,Ltd
Model 6CTA8.3-C260
Rated power 194 kW / 2200 r/min
Power head push and pull Type Pinion and rack drive
Rated pulling/feeding force 450/450 kN
Running speed of power unit 0~38 m/min
Rotation Type Double-motor gear transmission
Max.torque of power unit 17000 N·m
Rotation speed of power unit 0-135 r/min
Drill stem Diameter Φ89 mm
Length (single piece) 4500mm
Adjustment angle 10~20°
Travel Driving Type Self-propelled steel tracks
Travel speed 2.2 km/h
Slurry pump Type 450L/min,hydraulic drive
Total weight 13.3T
Dimensions 9265×2250×2610mm