heavy horizontal metal lathe machinery

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heavy horizontal metal lathe machinery

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heavy horizontal metal lathe machinery


Product function:

Heavy duty horizontal lathe machineC61200 is suitable for processing heavy duty machinery parts,such as big shaft, supporting roller, fan shaft, nuclear pressure vessel, mill roll, turbine fitting, mine railway and other manufacturing industries.


Product feature:

Lathe bed adopts the integral casting structure, internal ribs are rational layout. Guideways use super audio quenching process,the hardness of the surface more than 50 degree.

The spindle with high rigidity and high precision.Headstock takes symmetrical structure to make thermal deformation be even, avoiding the spindle center generates excursion.

Technical parameter table:

Item C61200
Max.swing diameter over bed mm 2000
Max.swing diameter over carriage mm 1600
Max.weight of workpiece t 40
Max.length of workpiece mm 12000
Guideway width of bed mm 1600
General cutting capacity kg 16000
Section dimension of tool shank mm×mm 70×70
Range of spindle speed r/min 0.8-160
Taper bore in spindle mm 120;1:7
Diameter of face plate mm 2000
Step.No of feed step 18
Range of longitudinal feed mm/r 0.125-48
Range of cross feed mm/r 0.063-24
Feed range of tool slide compound mm/r 0.063-24
Longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/min 3000
Cross rapid traverse speed mm/min 1500
Max.travel of cross slide mm 800
Max.travel of tool slide compound mm 600
Pitch of metric thread mm 2-40
Inch thread pitch/inch 1-14
Module thread mm 1.5-20
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 300
Traversing capacity of sleeve mm 300
Spindle taper bore of tailstock mm 100 taper(1:7)
Rapid traverse of tailstock mm/min 3000
Rapid traverse of sleeve mm/min 664
Power of main motor kw 90

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